Bar in Valletta - 240071031-511

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240071031-511 Bar in Valletta Probably named after the assassination in 1963 of a renown president , this is an example of a common refrain in street area that of embracing American themes especially with during the Vietnam War, which brought thousands of American sailors to Valletta on their way to/from South-East Asia. The closest thing to a gastro pub, but higher on the contemp hipster scale; The place will become a hub for craft brews and the best beers in town. The term Craft Brewery refers to traditional brewing methods producing smaller amount of beer generally characterised by their emphasis on quality, flavour and brewing technique. Widely popular in developed countries, microbreweries and their products are slowly conquering the pub scenes all around the world, and not just with a male audience. Set in renowned Street in the City 30 sqm. Bar in Valletta 198 sqm Add To Wishlist
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