Renting Commercial Office Space

12 May 2016
Renting Commercial Office Space

If you're set on setting up base in Malta, you're likely to be looking for the ideal office space that will serve its purpose as an office. You probably have a clear-cut idea of what you're looking for, or perhaps not, but understanding the Maltese scenario will certainly help you decide on what to look out for, where to look and how to make your selection.

RE/MAX Malta have a copious list of commercial spaces ready to be let out, from those set in high-rise de-luxe buildings, to others situated in quaint village hubs. Before embarking on your property search, map out exactly what you have in mind. Here are some guidelines:

-       Do you need large or small office space? This will be determined by several aspects: whether you work solo and plan to continue doing so; whether you already have staff or aim to employ some, and if so, how many people you will be employing; whether you will need to place any equipment/show-cases/desks/counters in your space; whether you need a sizeable waiting area; etc

-       Do you need to start working from your office immediately or are you able to wait? This determines several aspects of commercial letting in Malta, not least being the fact that some space some with permits linked to specific business operations. Check out what permits you will require and make sure the space you are considering tallies with the permits' requisites.

-       Do you need a back-street office which acts simply as a business base / meeting place, or would you need to attract walk-in trade? This will influence your choice of location. Malta and Gozo are two very distinct islands with very individual characters. Moreover each locality and region has its own specific pros and cons. So, for instance, if you're planning to open an office to serve local yacht owners, choosing Marsaxlokk as your base may seem right since it's a fishing village situated on the water's edge, but as it does not have a marina, then you're unlikely to attract yacht owners too easily.

-       Observing the Maltese personality will also help you in your ideal location choice. Be aware that the Maltese are not keen walkers – most drive to anywhere they want to go to. So, you may need to consider finding an office that provides ample or fluctuating parking spaces for your clients. Alternatively, if you envision attracting students, you may fare better if you simply find an office placed strategically upon a central bus route. While most University students do have their own cars, many of these will hop on a bus to save their fuel allowance for the weekends.

-       Be aware that most offices will include some common denominators – namely air-conditioning units, segregated bathrooms, partitioning, lighting systems. If you're lucky, you will find an office that is also furnished to the hilt, thus saving you the problem of furnishing it yourself.  Many will come equipped with modern technology, Wi-Fi systems, and telephone systems as well.

-       Consult with RE/MAX agents to find out what you need to do to set up a business base in Malta for a full run-through of requirements that will further help you set up your island base that much faster.

Whether you're a foreign or local business owner looking for commercial office space in Malta, our professional trained agents will be more than happy to guide you through the process. To help speed up you request, our Letting Manager - Edward Agius - is available 24 hours a day and can be contacted via email on [email protected] Should you have any questions or need any advice, be sure to get in touch - our policy is to offer the fastest and most professional service on the islands.