Warehouse in Burmarrad - 240071010-3945

€35 Daily
240071010-3945 Warehouse in Burmarrad Burmarrad, Newly built warehouse in an industrial park. Property is in a wide road where a trailer can easily be maneuvered into the property for loading/unloading. Property is 24 meters deep, 5.77m wide and 6.65m high (26 courses). Property is very well planned and can be easily modified according to the lessees needs. A mezzanine floor can easily be installed as there is a mounting point for concrete slabs and a crane/s can easily be installed as steel beams are already installed in the top part of the walls to facilitate installation. Door is 5.5m wide and 5m wide which will allow near anything to be stored. Property also has 2 skylights and 2 very large windows at the back to ensure that the property is very bright and well ventilated, which in turn helps maximize profits by reducing lighting and heating/cooling costs. Warehouse in Burmarrad 35 139 sqm Add To Wishlist
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